The following Green bibliography includes those that make mention of, or have some relevance to, the ecology movement or the Green Movement or green economics. Note that this is distinct from an overtly political "list of Green party issues" or "Green Party policy".

Most articles take the same neutral point of view of other articles, and acknowledge criticisms. But in some cases, they describe non-controversial observations that simply have no criticism other than one from inertia. Some articles may also tend to natural point of view or sympathetic point of view, especially if they describe terms that are used mostly by Greens.

The articles also vary widely in quality. For example "London Congestion Charge" is of very high quality, and could be considered a target. While it is neutral, it can be used in particular to persuade politicians to support such charges. A more realistic "autonomous building" type article explains the concept, gives good examples, and makes it easy to research the topic further at specialist sites. And there are many stubs or incomplete articles like "green roof" which at least helps someone interested in the topic find other obviously related material so they are using the right words to talk about the topic, and launch searches using those words, and talk about policies in those words in live meetings.

Having such articles, of any quality, allows 'best practices' to be easily found and compiled everywhere, and makes the tidal flow of sustainable concepts just that much harder to resist. It also helps those interested in such topics identify each other through Page History, and also identify opponents of these views. As more expertise is recruited, articles can be easily upgraded later on.

See for an example of a project to systematize information critical to ecology, and WikiProject Body, Cognition and Senses for an example of how to remove systematic bias derived from the mechanistic paradigm from former Wikipedia articles, which tend to be extremely biased in this way.

However, some at Wikipedia attempt to practice in their . Donella Meadows' twelve leverage points to intervene in a system were being applied at Meta-Wikipedia as a framework for removing some of the systematic abuses from Wikipedia project governance. Wikipedia User Anthere called this 'listening to our garden'. She also wrote the . Read also the material on .

The following are topic areas, from yard to planet scale of usefulness: If you have material on these, well, anyone can "edit this page".

key individuals Edit

wikipedia:Marilyn Waring (positive theoretically) (in the negative sense almost wholly) (hard to ignore old Nick) (UCCB, GPI Atlantic)

historical figures (traditionally documented) Edit (by far the most reliably documented)

20th century notables (deceased but well documented) Edit

green habitation-to-settlement economy (urban and building infrastructure) Edit

green family-level settlement-to-ecoregion economy (micro-economics) Edit

green social level ecoregion-to-ecozone-scale (intermediate economics) Edit'_three_plagues

green global ecozone-to-species economy (macro-economics) Edit,_tariff_and_trade

If you are not motivated yet, read Greenspeak.

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