Fusion, a possible eco-sane source of power.

Fusion, unlike fission which split unstable atoms, forces together two atoms to create a new atom which has a net lower weight than the original atoms being forced together. The lost weight is not destroyed but released as energy and can be messured with the help of E = mc^2.

A proton has a mass of 1.6726x 10^{-24} grams, a neutron 1.6755 x 10^{-24} grams, an electron 9.109 x 10^{-28} grams, a deuterium atom 3.345 x 10^{-24} grams and a tritium atom 5.01 x 10^{-24} grams.

In fusion, it becomes one helium atom and one neutron. one helium atom has 2 protons, 2 neutrons, and 2 electrons. 2(1.6726 x 10^{-24} \mathrm{gram}) + 2(1.6755 x 10^{-24} \mathrm{gram}) + 2(9.109 x 10-28 \mathrm{gram}) = 6.698 x 10^{-24} \mathrm{gram}

And one Neutron.

1.6755 x 10^{-24} \mathrm{gram}

1 tritium + 1 deuterium should be 1 helium + 1 neutron

3.345 x 10^{-24} g + 5.01 x 10^{-24} g is 6.698 x 10^{-24} g + 1.6755 x 10^{-24} g 8.3549 x 10^{-24} g = 8.3735 x 10^{-24} g.

But there is a difference of 1.86 x 10^{-26} g.

E = (1.86 x 10^{-26} g)(3.00 x 10^8 m/s)^2


E = 1.674 x 10^{-9} g m/s = 1.674 x 10^{-12} kg m/s

E = 1.674 x 10^{-12} Joules/atom

That is how fusion works.

The problem is the extra neutron, but one shouldnt worry because there are plans to use sheild of non-active metals that will absorbe the neutrons and have a half life of only a few decades. Other fuels do not produce the extra neutron so they are non-polluting altogether.

These were the bare facts, make your own mind up thank you.

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