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Why Join G.Knowledge CommunityEdit

Have you ever thought about why the world is the way it is? Why we build our homes and cities the way we do? Why most of us don't know where 98% of the things we buy come from or what they are made of. Do you wish you knew what was in the food you buy and how it effects your life and everyone you know.

We do, and we think most people in the world do as well., But currently there just aren't any simple answers and we think there should be. We think there is a better way to build a modern healthy happy smarter future. A future where buying a product doesn't have to hurt people, animals or the earth.

GreenZones is all about finding that future and bringing it to life and to the people of the world.

Join with us Are you interested in changing the World? Building a Greener, Safer, Healthier, Happier world for everyone to enjoy. Making it easy to make informed choices.

This is your chance. We are building the future of green know how right now. Reaching out to all the green organizations, and green producers around the world. Collecting knowledge, testing ideas, building new ways to do things, and bringing it all to communities around the world.

Working together, we can stop pointless suffering, hunger, homelessness, destruction of our environment, mass distictions, polluting of the skies and poisoning of our populations.

What do you think? Is this a massive project or what. Well lets get start!

Join us, support us, or just help us connect the dots. List of positions and needs coming soon.

Please contact us at or visit

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